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Tired of one-sided news coverage by the mainstream media?

Are you a red-blooded American who loves faith, family, and freedom?

Do you wish you had someone you could trust to teach you America's truths?

Then "A Moment of Truth" is the conservative Christian podcast for you! Each episode is delivered every two weeks by Reverend David Bass with clarity and passion.

Our beloved American culture has become dominated by relativism and fluid, individual opinions. Conservative Christian patriots like you are craving truth.

You know your feelings do not determine truth. Your favorite political party does not determine truth. Popular media outlets do not determine truth.

Truth is biblical, it is objective, and it is worth our study.

Gain insight to current events, politics, and social trends in digestible episodes. America’s truth is founded in the Bible and an evaluation of history. Walk away from this podcast better informed and empowered for future conversations and civil decisions.

Important issues of life and faith are the focus on this powerful, conservative Christian podcast.

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Most Recent Broadcast

A Fourth Branch of Government has Made Your Vote Irrelevant.

A 4th branch of government, The Intelligence Branch, has been growing like a cancer on the body politic since 9/11. To keep its power it must make the vote of the people irrelevant. These are the machinations we see unfolding during the midterms.

November 13, 2022