Our mission is to inform and motivate Christian and non-Christian alike about the important role of the Christian faith upon American culture, society, and government. We want to inform the contemporary Church about the rich history and tradition that the Christian faith has had in the formation of our nation and its institutions and - especially our Constitution.

We also feel it is important to dispel fallacies which keep American Christians from acting to change culture, society, and government; for example, the myth of the Separation of Church and State, the fallacy that - as one popular preacher put it - "the garments of the gospel should not be soiled with culture and politics," or that the Bible teaches an unconditional submission to the existing government authorities.

Finally, we dedicate ourselves to motivating the American Church to take her place under the Civil Covenant in holding our civil magistrates to account and taking an active role in government whether local, state, or national. These things are as much a part of the outworking of the gospel as would be our individual sanctification or the transformation of our family and church.