"A Moment of Truth"

Series: The Crusades: A Monument to Myth

The Crusades: A Monument to Myth, (Part 1)

Pastor Bass explodes the myths propagated by our society concerning the Crusades. These include the Crusades were launched by warmongering Christians against a peaceful Muslim people, the Crusaders were bent upon conquest and colonies, and Jews and Muslims were better off under Islam than the Crusader Kingdom.

August 2, 2015

The Crusades: A Monument to Myth, (Part 2)

Pastor Bass continues to explode the blithe myths believed and perpetuated by our society about the Crusades. The last 2 include the so-called atrocities of the Crusaders that far exceeded anything done by the Muslims and that the Crusades violated every standard of Christianity and its founder, Jesus Christ.

August 16, 2015