"A Moment of Truth"

Topic: Covid

From 2022

Should We Grant Amnesty to the COVID Crazies Who Afflicted Us?

The Progressive author Emily Oster wrote an article for The Atlantic entitled: Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty. Pastor Bass responds with an answer based upon reason and biblical principle.

December 11, 2022

From 2021

What is "The Great Reset" That Globalists are Trying to Foist On Us? (part 1)

Your fabulously wealthy and powerful global elite are ambitiously executing a plan to aggrandize and conserve their power and wealth through radical means to collapse the present world through tactics like COVID measures and war and financial collapse, and then erecting a new elite tyranny in its place, a "reset" of all things.

January 31, 2021

What is "The Great Reset" That Globalists are Trying to Foist On Us? (part 2)

Some of the particular buzzwords and concepts used to deceive us into giving up our liberty, wealth, and humanity in the Great Reset are exposed: build back better, digital currency, sustainability, a social credit score, tiny home, carbon footprint, COVID 'safety' measures, and a nanotech operating system. A number of solutions are proposed - including opting out of the system that is being built to enslave us.

February 14, 2021

"The Great Reset" Will Culminate in Your Meeting a Chinese Trooper. (part 3)

In complete harmony with the strategy and tactics of Sun Zhu, China is patiently using the Great Reset in order to extend and consolidate its power, wealth, and hegemony over the entire world - America in particular! For example, economic domination, political intrigues, and efforts to deceive and demoralize the enemy must be used before military strength. But once its time, be ruthless! So, one day, you will meet a Chinese trooper.

February 28, 2021

From 2020

A Pertinent Letter to the Congregation of New Geneva Concerning the Shutdown Ordered by Governor Little.

Pastor Bass shares the letter he and the leaders at New Geneva composed and sent to the congregation in the 1st weeks of the disastrous lockdown over COVID 19 irrationally imposed on us in Idaho. We feel that you are our radio congregation!

March 22, 2020

What are the Psychological, Spiritual, and Social Implications of Wearing a Mask?

Masks do absolutely nothing to protect one from COVID. Nevertheless there are psychological, spiritual, and social implications for wearing them which are used to inaugurate us into the cult of COVID through 3 stages of cult initiation.

November 1, 2020

How Difficult is it to De-program Someone who has been Initiated into the COVID Cult?

The skilled cult groomers in the CDC have initiated us into the various stages of cult initiation, out of which it is almost impossible to extricate oneself. That cult is of COVID and its manifestations: masks, lockdowns, social distancing, and the vaccine.

November 15, 2020

Can We Move On from Aspiring to Herd Behavior to Herd Immunity?

Our Deep State handlers rely on us following blindly the stupid measures of the new normal as herd behavior rather than aspiring to letting us naturally achieve herd immunity. Unnatural vaccines are mandated rather than natural immunity.

November 29, 2020